CloudRain Smart Garden Irrigation System With Smartphone App

CloudRain Smart Garden Irrigation System With Smartphone App

If you like me you sometimes forget to water your plants or crops, you may be interested in a new smart garden irrigation system created by Henry Bröker based in Germany, aptly named CloudRain. The smart irrigation system provides you with an easy way to look after your plants using local weather data to help maintain healthy moisture for your plants and vegetables.

Watch the demonstration video which is this week launched via Kickstarter to raise the required € 20,000 it needs to make the jump into production. "Stay in complete control of your garden. CloudRain saves water, as it only waters when necessary. The CloudRain Valves are controlled wirelessly and are self supporting through solar energy. Along with a quick and easy setup and a competitive price, CloudRain helps you to easily become a smarter gardener. "

For more information, full specifications and a list of all available pledges which start from € 129 or approximately £ 113 for the basic package, jump over to the campaign page below. If all goes well back, you can expect to receive their CloudRain garden irrigation system sometime during June 2018.

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